085 - Dock Yard Crane


description as below, but "powered" by a handheld crank


handwritten price says 3.- DEM - that was 1958/59

from a 1959/1960 "Specialties" catalogue

hand-operated Dock Yard Crane

as seen in th e"Specialties" 1960


095 automatic Dock Yard Crane 

clockwork, control by 2 levers (red wooden or plastic knobs in red or white), steering the vertical and horizontal movement of the crane. Clever maneuvering lets you pick up and release the pallet on every desired point. Various colours, lithographed, boxed. The crane is Blue. Cars and trucks were made by ManUrBa  (Manfred Urban - Bamberg). Novelty 1955 - available until at least 1960.

Hook remakes available in the Service section. 

Seize: 225 x 95 x 90 mm


2 cranes incl. box, pallets and red Porsche 356

red wooden levers - and yellow Manurba Porsche

red plastic levers ...

... or white plastic levers

Twins Front and Box Porsche 356 ... and white levers


advertisement with ... .. and without stamp yellow Manurba Pick-up US price tag - 1.49 USD

an advertising leaflet

without stamp as sold the other day at ebay Price tag


how to handle... un-punched tinplate - 44 cabins
How to handle the crane unpunched tin




"Grua Muelle" is Spanish and means Dock Yard Crane. Without any inscription on the toy itself. No producer to be identified

Spanish Remake

Spanish Remake


This is the Russian version

and this is French made - by Joustra

"Russians coming...."

Overview - Joustra Maritime Station Joustra Maritime Station in detail


A LINE MAR TOYS Remake - made in Japan

Not everything - but a lot of same parts e.g. the boom, hook, palette and the levers

LIN MAR by Marx

LIN MAR by Marx

another remake of unknown origin - at least boom and hook are the same as on the BILLER models

Is that genuine Marx?

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