Atomic Gun


remote controlled, a game with lots of possibilities. Either Clockwork or hand-crank operated. The turret is moved left / right by operating the right hand lever / hand-crank - the left lever to control the shot angle. The additional knob on left front side to release the shot. So far I have only seen red wooden caps on the levers. Coloured, lithographed, boxed. Leaflet "how to handle" in English, French, Spanish and German language.

Quite interesting that the manual version shows the higher article No. - was this one issued later than the clockwork version?

Available after 1955 and before 1963 (currently unable to give better determination).

Seize: 225 x 95 x 90 mm 


this picture documents the difference in instrumentation


left side on picture

Nr. 135 - Atomic Gun (manual)

both guns in comparison

right side on  picture

Nr. 130 - automatic Atomic Gun (clockwork)

the right side the left side

the automatic gun - right side

the automatic gun - left side

from the rear the breech - ready to fire

from the rear

open breech - ready to fire

the original box from all "aspects"

the box #1

the box #2


...and the label

the stamp

the label

the stamp - for catalogue printing


Finally displaying the original ammunition for the gun. A box of Amorces for the "Boom" - and three separately packed wooden "bullets" with a diameter of approx. 10 mm

How to handle

the "boom" ammo

100 mm wooden bullets how to handle
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